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The Luxury Sleep In Serenity Pillow 900GSM – A Great Bed Essential

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The luxury SLEEP IN SERENITY Pillow 900GSM is the ultimate pillow luxury. This ultra-soft and luxurious pillow features a smooth cotton Japara cover, which will ensure the perfect night’s rest. It filled with extra soft Microfibre for a luxurious feel. The heavenly pillow has an anti-microbial coating that fights bacteria.

Cooling Fibers:

This 900 GSM pillow features cooling fibers on its cover and a specially-designed foam that contours to your head and neck. The anti-microbial cover prevents bacteria from growing and causing odor. The king-size and standard-size pillows measure 19 x 26 inches. The king-size pillow is 22 x 35 inches. Among its many features, the luxurious pillow is anti-microbial.

The Odyssey Living Sleep In Serenity Pillow 900GSM is an ideal option for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate relaxation. The pillow made of 100% Cotton Japara and filled with 50% Microfibre and 3D polyester. It is 900gsm and has an extra-soft Microfibre filling. It is available in two sizes – one for men and one for women.


The Sleep In Serenity Pillow is one of the most luxurious pillows available in the market. It is 900gsm in weight and made from 100% Cotton Japara. Its filling is a combination of 50% Microfibre and 3D polyester, making it extremely comfortable and supportive. Compared to other similar pillows, this one has a softer feel and has a smoother feel.

Unlike other pillows, the SLEEP IN SERENITY Pillow filled with high-quality foam and features cooling fibers in the cover. These pillows contoured to fit the head and neck and treated with a permanent antimicrobial coating to combat bacteria. The standard-size and king-size models are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The smallest is 17″ by 27″, while the largest is 19″ x 35″ in size.

The pillow’s cover should make of 300-thread-count fabric. A loose, sloppy fabric may damage the inside shell of the pillow. 100% cotton covers are the most durable. If you sleep on your stomach, choose a head support that supports your head gently, not putting pressure on your neck. This is the best option for stomach sleepers because it does not strain your neck. The SLEEP IN SERENITY PILlow provides maximum comfort and support.

The SLEEP IN SERENITY PILlow is Certipur-US certified head support that features three distinct surfaces. Bamboo charcoal regulates temperature, odor, and moisture while ventilating memory foam provides luxurious support and pressure relief. The latter is perfect for side sleepers as it molds to the body’s temperature and shape. This can bought online or at retail stores in most major cities.

High-density memory:

The Cooling Anti-Microbial head support made with high-density memory foam and a cooling cover. The foam contours to the head and neck, while a permanent antimicrobial coating prevents bacterial growth. Available in two sizes, a standard size is 19″ x 27″ and a king size is 19″ x 35″. It’s made from bamboo-infused memory foam that is breathable. The cover is treated with Aloe Vera and is machine washable.

The SLEEP IN SERENITY patented cooling technology keeps you cool during the night by regulating body temperature. The polyethylene and solid memory foam work together to keep your head and neck cool, which helps you sleep comfortably. The resulting coolness prevents heat from penetrating your body and compromising your rest. The SLEEP IN SERENITY head support is the ultimate solution for your sleeping needs.

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